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Look mum no hands: 10 beauty IG filters to make your quarantine selfies pop

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Arguably the safest and most social way to get your beauty on in self-isolation

Beauty brands and companies are shutting up shop indefinitely as we continue to socially distance ourselves and self-isolate, while others are rolling out new hand-sanitizers to supply the astronomical demand and keep COVID-19 at bay. We’re being advised to wash our hands with soap and water over and over again, and not to touch our faces, which means that many beauty professionals are unable to work, although thankfully there are ways to support them via funds and by postponing appointments.

If you’re missing your daily beauty rituals – doing your hair, skincare, and make-up – things that might currently feel unnecessary (they’re not FYI), especially when stationed at home, we have a solution. At Dazed Beauty, we believe it’s important to keep doing your beauty routines if you can, as all forms of self-care are all the more important for your wellbeing at times like this. 

So what’s an alternative? AR filters and digital make-up straight from the minds and dreams of brilliant creatives worldwide. Think about it – thousands of touch-free, product-free and definitely coronavirus-free (but not fun-free) looks just waiting on social media to get your beat on lock from the safety of your living room. All you need is a charged smartphone, WIFI, and Instagram for hours of escapism and beauty experimentation. Try out some of our favourites and share if you dare.


All we need is love right? So spread a little by framing your face with a stack of balloon-like pink hearts with an iridescent sheen in the middle, courtesy of the OG digital make-up artist. Perfectly-shaped eyebrows optional.


If, like us, you’ve been hearing about the glass skin trend and have been dying to try it out, now’s your chance with a sci-fi twist. It’s a shard of glass moulded to your face with a metallic glow that pulsates and changes colour.


Very The Matrix film trilogy with the green computer code scrolling up and your features now seemingly computer-generated then annotated against a black background. As you move your face- your skin gains otherworldly shadows.


Naturally Grimes has tried this one and it’s a real trip. Six eyes with thick lashes blinking in unison, the two you have plus one in the middle of your forehead and three below your chin. Thrown in the thin red markings, a smattering of freckles, ashy skin tone, and a plumped-up glossy red pout – it’s unexpectedly glam.


Are they sparkly freckles or jewelled teardrops? Who knows but Chris is spoiling us with her first AR filter – bare besides these shimmery undereye embellishments – which has the same name as her most recent EP (which dropped earlier this year). Another way to follow her lead, digitally this time, as she had the same beauty look IRL in the video.


Want four butterflies fluttering on your face without having actual insects with large scaly wings on your face? Kind of like Disney’s Snow White? If the answer’s yes, then this is for you – it’s super cute. We’re almost surprised Kylie Jenner didn’t something like this bespoke for Stormi.


All eyes are on you quite literally here. Your forehead, cheeks, and chin are covered in different-sized eyes that mirror and mimic the pair you have. It’s so fun to blink, roll and widen them as the background flicks from normal, to black and white, then colour tones.


Made to disengage with largely white and patriarchal notions of femininity, a breather from the most fantastical of effects, you basically look yourself when wearing this one. It’s a religious and rigorous skincare routine in a filter: your skin can be satin-like, smooth or oily. Real life goals?


Try this face masks instead for a futuristic feline transformation that helpfully obscures tired eyes and unstyled hair. Below the gunmetal ears, thin multi-coloured flames waft and contour the face above super sharp cheekbones. 


Imagine your face digitally recreated then, flattened and flopped with a handy sound effect. That’s what happens here, over and over again. Your boneless face stretched and squashed against the screen. Yikes, but also nice.

EDIT: Sadly there won't be any new beauty filter uploads for the foreseeable future. Spark AR, the AR company behind them, announced in their Facebook group that as moderators and reviewers are now socially distancing and working from home, they won't be able to approve new submissions. Bummer.

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