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ColourPop Sailor moon
ColourPop x Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon make-up is here and we are obsessed

TextAlex Peters

Fight for justice and love with this new make-up collab with ColourPop

The Sailor Moon collabs are thriving and we are living for them. Last month, Skechers dropped a Sailor Moon collection that saw its D’Lites Airy 2.0 silhouette being redesigned to include design elements based on the Sailor Guardians. And now ColourPop has joined in on the action with a crossover make-up collection with the cult anime character.

Launching today, the range includes a Pretty Guardian Shadow Palette with shades named in tribute to the show – think Tuxedo Rose and Moon Castle. There are also lip duos which include a lip gloss and a liquid lipstick, blushes and two glitter gels. The make-up is full of romantic pinks and purples and the packaging is to die for featuring Sailor Moon alongside her cat Luna. 

The products are available individually or as a collection if – like us – you have to have it all, retailing for $89. So start preparing your Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, or (our personal favourite) Sailor Uranus looks now.

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