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MeLoveMeALot on cloning herself on Instagram, genderless beauty, and more

TextKristen Bateman

The artist, musician, beauty creative, and D100er fronts Calvin Klein’s first genderless fragrance – CK Everyone

Scroll through MeLoveMeALot’s Instagram feed and you’ll see everything from surreal versions of herself doubled up in ice queen make-up to more quick tutorials that push boundaries of what make-up is and actually should be considered. The Seoul-born artist, musician, and make-up mastermind has amassed over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, all who keep coming back for more twisted and totally weird beauty moments.

MLMA’s real name is anonymous, for now, but that hasn’t stopped her odd aesthetics from reaching the masses. Take, for example, her latest project, in which she stars in the new Calvin Klein CK Everyone fragrance campaign alongside musician Eliot Sumner, model Cara Taylor, skater and photographer Evan Mock, model Parker Van Noord, and rapper Priddy the Opp. “In Korea, being in this kind of campaign means a lot because you know, because everyone knows this brand,” she tells us. 

According to the artist, the campaign made a lot of sense, since it’s representing the brand’s first-ever genderless fragrance. MLMA feels that much of her work also blurs the boundaries of gender, and that many times, her creations turn herself into something completely new, irrespective of gender. “I grew up in woman’s body, but inside it’s all the same,” she says. “It’s like a brain and bones. There is no gender. And I feel like if I was born in a man’s body, I think I always still just leave it that way and then I could fall in love with a man or a woman, you know? It’s just like a choice that you could have.”

MLMA has always been interested in beauty, but not in the conventional sense. “When I was five, I used to play with my mom’s lipstick, and I thought I was pretty good at it because I was always good at drawing,” she explains. “I was obsessed with making paintings and drawing. I always put on make-up, but in school you can’t really have make-up. So I’d just do make-up in my room by myself and then look at myself. But now no one is telling me what to do. So I’m going out with these looks on Instagram, you know, but I was always this way.”

“My face is my canvas and then my make-up is my art. I just do my art on my face” – MLMA

Despite this, it was only in 2017 that MLMA decided to start turning her face into a canvas on Instagram. Previously, she was working in fashion design. But, you can definitely see that some of her signature make-up looks take inspiration from her original painterly aesthetic. Take, for example, the wavy brow look which exploded in popularity after she started posting different iterations of it on Instagram. “Lots of people like doing contouring make-up and try to make it so super sexy,” she explains. “But I think my make-up is more about just trying to be myself, like trying to be more of whatever you think is in your head.”

“My face is my canvas and then my make-up is my art,” she declares. “I just do my art on my face.” In addition to her painterly strokes created with actual make-up and art supplies, MLMA also uses Photoshop to make the effects of her make-up all the more surreal. It’s just one of the many techniques she’s been using to create clones of her head or unusual effects such as cartoon ears incorporated into a make-up look. “I think Photoshop is one of my favourite tools that I use because I can show my mind,” she says. “I like to show people the visual that I’m really thinking about.”

Beyond the Photoshopped imagery of Pokemon and cartoon ears, MLMA uses quite a bit of hand-painted make-up on her face to create unusual scenarios, such as a red Nike logo that looks like it’s bleeding off her clothing and onto her face, or words such as “love, free, safe and good,” scrawled across her cheeks and foreheads. This is all make-up, and MLMA often wears in beyond Instagram, in public for everyday life, where she currently lives in rural Canada.

“Obviously if you go to the mall or like, a dollar store, there’s people there,” she says. “But I just wear it this way because I like it, and then sometimes people are really shocked about it or sometimes people are like,’ Oh, it’s so cool.’ It’s a different perspective. I think that’s just a good way to express yourself.” Her favourite reactions to her boundary breaking looks, however, have come from the older generation. “I remember I went to get lunch. And then this lady was making pasta. She was like, ‘So what do you do? Are you working in a cosplay shop?’ I was just like, ‘Yeah.’ I don’t explain myself because like I don’t want them to be confused or feel bad about what they said, you know? I just want them to think whatever they want to think.”

The real-life version of MLMA that you’re not seeing on Instagram also plays with beauty in ways that are less extreme but still unconventional. “Sometimes I have a bad breakout and I have pimples on my face, I try to cover it up,” she explains. “But not with foundation, I will draw a star on it or an electronic shock. That’s my everyday make-up.”

Beyond her captivating make-up looks on Instagram, MLMA is also pursuing her artist talents in other industries. She has a separate Instagram account devoted to her clothing design and Photoshopped works of art. She’s also been working on music with producer Kai Smith, who has worked with Dua Lipa (he’s currently on tour with her) and Zara Larsson. “Music is very interesting to me and I’m very new to it,” she says. Her debut musical release will be out in early spring 2020 – stay tuned. 

As for what’s next for MLMA, the possibilities are endless. “I honestly don’t really plan anything,” she says. “I just let life happen to me. If I met some crazy scientists one day, maybe we’ll design a cool car. I feel like anything could happen.”

CK Everyone is available in Boots

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