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Courtesy of Buller and Rice

5 upcoming 2020 hair trends to try before they’re everywhere

TextAnita Rice

London-based lifestyle salon Buller and Rice shares the looks set to be the biggest of the year

We’ve all reaped the benefits of a great hair-cut. The ability for a trim or change in colour to make everything look a little bit different is a shared experience most people can relate to. Of course, the scissors swing both ways... 

We’ve seen some huge hair trends already in 2020; from hair lamination, to digital perms, mullets, and a new era for wigs. If like us you’re itching to try out new tresses or switch up colour might we suggest a look at the guide below? From 90s high ponytails, to graphic colour and mullets, 2020 is all about revisiting cult hair looks and adding a modern spin on things. 

We’ve consulted East London salon Buller And Rice on the next biggest hair trends, why they’re going to be big, and, critically, what to ask for if you want to try it out yourself.


What was once a taboo word in hairdressing lingo, triangle shapes are having a rebirth. Whatever your gender or hair type, sharp and wide jaw-length cuts will be big in 2020. Think boyband curtains, sharp power bobs, and 90s skater middle part tucked behind the ear falling just beneath the ear lobe. Cut with an extremely strong edge, you can style this look by either doing a slick behind the ear look or scrunching up to get the full voluminous triangle shape, with a nice drop from the edge of the haircut to the shoulder.

What to ask for? Strong solid form haircut (Bob). 


From the blackest of blue blacks to fire-filled coppers, rich block colours are taking over from the balayage sunkissed look. As these natural looks are taking a step back, fashion tones are taking over. These are high-shine block colours that clients are proud to admit are an artificial enhancement. If you’re going for a darker colour palette, replace your natural base level with an artificial hue. In copper tones we are seeing more vibrance, while blacks are becoming more blue and browns more red. 

What to ask for? Full head tint.


The power pony is gracing the catwalk this season. Easy to create at home, this versatile style can be done wet or wavy and dressed up with any accessories to give a range of different looks – anything from Posh to Sporty. Use hair oil to slick the hair back instead of pomade or hair spray. It can also nourish your hair on those ‘no wash’ days!

What to ask for? Hair up high pony.


Alternatively called the Rogue (X-Men) or the Mallen streak, this new twist on the 90s Spice Girl look is currently having a resurgence. While last season we were doing a lot of finer foil work along the hairline to create a more subtle look, this is now being exaggerated as we are seeing lighter hairline colouring techniques becoming more bold with a thick line of blonde about two to three inches deep, starting from the face going back into the hairline, contrasting the rich dark block colours of the rest of the hair.

What to ask for? Bleached hairline. 


The mullet trend is softening into the 70s shag, with a brow-length middle part, long fringe and more textured sea salt wave. This style works beautifully with soft, feathered edges and is more wearable than a traditional mullet – think Farrah Fawcett vibes. Cut the hair short in the crown with long temples and a harsh drop at the cheekbone. Then manipulate the hair’s texture by spraying sea salt into dry roots and scrunch/blowdry in.

What to ask for? 70s Shag/mullet cut. 

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