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glossier pop up london covent garden
Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier’s cute floral London pop-up is here to stay

TextDazed Beauty

Initially set to close in February, the space will now be permanently stationed in Covent Garden throughout 2020

Last November, Glossier fans in London rejoiced at the news that there was a pop-up coming over from the US – opening in Covent Garden. 

Unsurprisingly, beauty heads came in their droves to visit the floral wonderland and get their hands on all their fave products. In fact, so many people attended – over 100k visitors – that the pop-up has become the brand’s most successful one to date. 

Thanks to its success, Glossier has now decided that instead of closing its doors on February 9 as originally planned, the pop-up will remain open throughout 2020 – Boy Brow for all. So, if you missed your chance to get down, you’ve got all year to make the pilgrimage to the floral wonderland. 

Don’t worry Glossier fans back in the US, pop-ups in Atlanta and Arizona are set to open in February and March respectively. 

Glossier’s London pop-up is open at 13 Floral Street, Covent Garden, London from 10am-7pm on Mon-Sat and 11am-6pm on Sun. 

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