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This Timothée Chalamet transformation video is actual witchcraft

TextAlex Peters

TikTok user @charlottelooks has gone viral for shapeshifting into the actor

Celebrity transformations are a dime a dozen at this point but rarely have we seen one quite as uncanny as this Timmy Chalamet metamorphosis.

The video comes courtesy of TikTok make-up artist Charlotte Roberts AKA @charlottelooks whose transformation into the actor can only be explained as actual witchcraft. 

In the video we see Roberts contour her face, hollow out her cheeks, and bush up her eyebrows before suddenly being completely transformed into Chalamet – seemingly possessed of his spirit. You have to see it to believe it.

The post, of course, has gone viral racking up over a million views in the 15 hours since it went up, with 280k likes and over 2000 comments.

In other Timmy news, it was announced recently that he will play music legend Bob Dylan in an upcoming biopic about the singer’s early life, titled Going Electric directed by James Mangold.


my fyp has been a constant stream of timothée so i thought i would join in 😋🤚

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