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Look after your skin and the ocean simultaneously with One Ocean Beauty

TextAlex Peters

The clean, sustainable brand harnesses the power of blue biotechnology and marine microorganisms for its innovative skincare

There’s nothing like the ocean to cleanse your body and cleanse your soul, to leave you both looking and feeling better. Growing up by the beach, from a young age Marcella Cacci formed a connection with the nature that surrounded her, especially the ocean. “It has always brought inspiration and balance to my life,” she tells us. So, when it came to founding her skincare line, it was only natural that she turn to the water for a muse.

Cacci’s credentials are rock-solid. After starting out in fashion, Cacci moved into beauty where she spent 10 years establishing and developing Burberry Beauty, before breaking out on her own to found brand One Ocean Beauty. Launched in 2018, One Ocean is a skincare and wellness company dedicated to sustainable and clean beauty which uses active marine ingredients at the centre of all its products.

These key marine microorganisms and single cells have unique anti-aging properties and are brimming with nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which help hydrate and fortify the skin. To formulate these innovative products, Cacci partnered with a blue biotechnology laboratory in Europe that produces clones of marine microorganisms, such as algae, kelp and seaweed, rather than extracting and harvesting them, thus ensuring that the marine environment is preserved and the biodiversity protected.“When we started researching marine ingredients and how to utilise these natural resources in a sustainable manner, we discovered the world of Bio-technology,” Cacci says. “It’s an amazing technology that brings together the best of nature and science.”

As well as being sustainably sourced, the collection – which consists of a cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream, serum and a marine collagen supplement – is also free from GMOs, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, nanoparticles, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance. Not only that but the brand has committed to 100 per cent recyclable packaging, is working towards zero waste goals, and has partnered with Oceana, the largest international ocean advocacy organisation, to help work towards its goal of protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale. So you can rest a little easier knowing that you are helping make the planet that bit better while you are moisturising. 

Here, we talk to Cacci about One Ocean and why sustainability in beauty is so important. 

Have you always been interested in issues of environmental sustainability? 

Marcella Cacci: I was always thoughtful and careful, but to be honest, it’s really been in the last 10 years that I’ve started to understand the damage that’s been created over the past 100 years. It’s such an important and critical time right now. We all need to work together to try to solve some of the current issues facing our planet now and in the future.

What led you to want to break out on your own and found One Ocean Beauty? 

Marcella Cacci: I decided to break out and open One Ocean Beauty because I felt that there was a real void in the market for products that were clean to a very high standard as well as being high-performance and sustainable. It was something I was looking for and could not find. Products were either clean but lacked key active ingredients or products had actives but were ‘dirty’ and not really healthy for humans or the environment. Also, marine ingredients have always been the gold standard in skin care and considering the advances in biotechnology, I thought this was a new, more modern approach to using marine ingredients.

What did you think was lacking in the industry that you wanted to address? 

Marcella Cacci: One of the areas that was lacking in the industry was clean products that had trademarked actives, that were clinically proven. We also found that most companies were not using the actives at the full clinical strength. A second issue we wanted to address was sustainability in production and packaging, which is very limited in the industry today. 

“From the onset, we wanted One Ocean to be a beauty and wellness company where beauty comes from the inside out. We believe healthy is the new beauty” – Marcella Cacci

What is your definition of ‘clean beauty’?

Marcella Cacci: There are different interpretations of the word ‘clean’ in beauty as legislation is outdated, particularly in the US. To us, ‘clean’ means non-toxic, causing no harm to humans or the environment. We believe that the clean movement will continue to grow as consumers become more aware of what they put in and on their bodies. 

As well as skincare, you also carry collagen supplements. How did these come about? 

Marcella Cacci: From the onset, we wanted the company to be a beauty and wellness company where beauty comes from the inside out. We believe healthy is the new beauty.

Do you think what you put inside your body has more of an effect on your skin’s appearance than what you use topically? 

Marcella Cacci: Absolutely, I think diet, exercise and mental state all play a very important role in your skin’s appearance. High-performance topical formulations can address and provide solutions for many issues (fine lines, wrinkles, coarseness, radiance, glow), it’s really the combination that is optimal. 

Why was it important to have a blue light protection product in your line? 

Marcella Cacci: When we first started formulating the collection, almost three years ago, initial research was coming out about the effects of blue light and photoaging. As we felt people will continue to increase their screen time, this was something that we wanted to address early on. We think blue light protection is a very important addition to your skincare regime. 

Can you tell us a bit about your partnership with Oceana? Why was that aspect important to you? 

Marcella Cacci: Committing to creating awareness around the crisis of the oceans was one of the key inspirations for the company. We chose Oceana as they are not only the largest global organization protecting the oceans, but are science led, cause oriented and actually do effect change. Instead of pledging a percentage of sales or profits, we decided that we would be completely transparent and committed to a flat fee of $250,000 to make change now and for the future. 

How have you seen the beauty industry change since you first started out? 

Marcella Cacci: The beauty industry has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years and just in the last three years that we have been working on this project, we have seen incredible strides in transparency around ingredients and their effect on humans and the environment as well as a real movement towards much more sustainable packaging options

How do you think your field will evolve in the future? Are there any upcoming technologies or techniques that you are excited about and think will have a large impact on your brand and products? 

Marcella Cacci: One of the major evolutions that will happen in the industry is the movement towards clean beauty and transparency in ingredients, this will continue to proliferate. Some of the technologies that we are excited about are the possibilities of new materials for primary packaging, i.e., biodegradable plastics or completely new materials that will replace plastics, both of these will have an effect on our business as we are continually striving to produce in a manner that is more human and environmentally-friendly.

Do you feel optimistic about the future of the planet? 

Marcella Cacci: We are in a very serious situation at the moment. As awareness grows, I’m very optimistic that together people of all ages will continue to come up with solutions and technologies to solve some of the issues facing our planet.  

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