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Made Up: Celebrate bombastic, decadent beauty in this glamorous new shoot

80s full-throttle airbrush glamour is back just in time for party season

Calling back to the nostalgic decadence and exaggerated glamour of the 70s and 80s, a new shoot from make-up artist Vassilis Theotokis and photographer Maxime Imbert celebrates beauty at its most maximalist extreme. 

Drawing references from the work of Barry Lategan in the 70s and the Dior make-up campaigns of the 80s, Theotokis takes the make-up to the limit, never shying away from a bold splash of colour or extravagant excess. “We created full looks fearlessly pushing all the elements at the same time from eyes and lips to cheeks and hair to achieve theatricality,” he tells us.   

Theotokis who is known for his highly technical skillset approaches beauty almost mathematically: “It’s about shapes, colours and composition, like any other visual creation.”

Photographer Maxime Imbert, producer Imi Oztas, casting director Julia Gilmour, make-up artist Vassilis Theotokis, hair stylist Franzika Presche, stylist Laura Vartiainen, photographer assistant Nicolas Ruivo, make-up assistants Kimie Yashiro and Sunao Taskahashi, hair assistant Chliodhna Murphy, stylist assistant Clemence Rose, models Molly Smith and Sophia Roberts @ IMG 

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