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Jackie Aina Naomi Campbell

Everything we learned from Naomi Campbell and Jackie Aina’s beauty tutorial

TextAlex Peters

The two discuss BTS, SPF and lack of diversity in the industry in their new Get Ready With Me videos

Jackie Aina is no stranger to a good ‘Get Ready With Me’ video, but this weekend the excitement was ramped up a few notches when she was joined in her routine by none other than supermodel and icon Naomi Campbell.

In two tutorials shared across their channels, the supermodel and beauty guru came together to get glammed up and dish out their make-up tips and tricks. In between bronzer recommendations and false eyelash application lessons, Jackie questioned Naomi about everything from Halloween plans (a party at “Jay and B’s”) to period product preferences (“In my line of business, tampons,” the model answers). Here are the six most important things we learned from the tutorial.

Naomi Does A Quick Face 

As we know from her previous beauty tutorial, Naomi doesn’t like to wear a lot of make-up when she’s not working, telling Jackie she only spends 10 minutes on her routine to which Jackie jokes she’s more of a two-hour girl. To keep a natural look, Naomi focuses on certain areas of her face with concealer rather than apply a full face of foundation and avoids putting any product on her forehead. Applying her Nars concealer with a wedge-shaped sponge, Naomi also acknowledges that all her products are Nars. “This is what happens when you are a model and you have to wear the brands you’re supposed to wear,” she laughs. 

Naomi Knows Who BTS Are

When talk turns to make-up for men, Naomi says she thinks it’s fantastic. “Men’s make-up, I think, is going to be huge. It’s on its way,” she says, pointing to K-Pop band BTS’s make-up line as proof. 

“The BTS ARMY is going to ignite in the comments now that you've acknowledged them,” Jackie immediately, and rightly, predicts. And BTS fans did, indeed, freak out, taking to Twitter to share their excitement. As one fan account points out, after the video dropped, there was also a huge surge in people searching the term BTS make-up. 

Naomi Didn’t Know What Setting Spray Was

Despite 30 years of sitting in the make-up chair, Naomi still has a few things to learn when it comes to beauty. When Jackie advises viewers to keep a setting spray in your bag 24/7, Naomi asks what the purpose of a setting spray is. “It’s just a nice way to refresh the skin all throughout the day,” Jackie explains. “Keep it hydrated, keep it moist, keep it shiny.”   

Jackie also shares her best lash application tips with Naomi, talking the model through the process as she lets the glue dry for 20-30 seconds, uses her specialist lash tool and keeps her mirror at a low angle in order to get the lashes as close as possible to her natural lash line.  

The Pair Discuss The Elle Germany Fiasco

Both Jackie and Naomi have never shied away from discussing – and calling out – the lack of diversity in the fashion and beauty worlds. So naturally, talk turned to the recent backlash Elle Germany faced after not only insinuating black models were a trend but then misidentifying the black models they featured, which Naomi had previously called “highly insulting.” 

Explaining that this type of thing happens every day, Naomi says the solution to the problem is to have more diversity behind the scenes. “We need to be within the company. If we were in the company this wouldn’t happen to begin with,” she says. “It’s really about the infrastructure now. Are you going to give us a seat at the table within the infrastructure.”  

Naomi also reveals that when she did her first Vogue Italia cover in 1988 they didn’t know she was black “so my cover, I look very grey,” she says. 

Naomi’s Favourite Model is Adut Akech

When questioned by Jackie on her favourite model of the moment, Naomi immediately answers Adut. “I saw her when she was 16, I shot Pirelli calendar with her and I was in the mirror getting done and I saw this girl behind me. Actually Diddy was with me too and we both saw at the same time and thought ‘who is that girl?’” she says. “We just knew this girl’s a star. It’s the whole thing it’s the grace, it’s the elegance.”   

Naomi also shouts out Kaia Gerber and Katoucha Niane saying, “it holds a special place in my heart when I’m working with the children of my friends.”

Naomi Doesn’t Wear SPF

Discussing how regularly her skin tone changes colour, Naomi says that she has always loved being in the sun and getting tanned before dropping this bomb – she only wears protection on her lips. “We need to talk,” replies a shocked Jackie. Kids, we would not recommend this. 

Watch the tutorials here.

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