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Porsche Poon Anxiety

A visual representation of my mental health

In a new photo story, make-up artist Porsche Poon reflects on his anxieties

“This project is based on my realisation of what triggers my anxieties and panic attacks. Social inclusion and exclusion, who and what we invite to our lives or who and what we exclude out from lives, these decisions can be impulsive and driven by fears, doubts and uncertainty. 

I sometimes feel like we are living in an illusion because of social media and technology. My mum has to use a filter app to take pictures and will not post them if they aren't filtered. When you think about it we are more or less in denial of who we actually are.” Porsche Poon

Art direction and make-up by Porsche Poon

Photography by Michiyo Yanagihara  

Hair by Yuuki Yanase

Set by Lydia Chan

Model Calm

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