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Daniel Sällström on his mythical looks for FKA twigs’ holy terrain video

TextJessica Canjemanaden

The make-up artist and longtime collaborator of the musician was enlisted for the new video of the first single of upcoming album MAGDALENE

Last nightFKA twigs dropped a glossy music video for her new single “holy terrain” featuring Future and co-produced by Skrillex and Jack Antonoff. The second single from her upcoming album MAGDALENE, the hypnotising visual – directed by twigs and Nick Walker with styling from creative director Matthew Josephs and choreography by Tovaris Wilson and Theo Oliver – moves back and forth between dance shots in a desert and close-ups of her red and blue contacts which you can try yourself here

“I really wanted to portray that otherworldly mythical feel, her all-seeing red eye symbolises power and rage while the blue symbolises calm, coolness, mercy and healing,” explains Dazed Beauty contributing editor Daniel Sällström, who was behind the make-up for the video and is a longtime contributor with the artist. “What’s amazing working with twigs is that she trusts my idea and vision and let me go for it,” he continues. “Also Matthew Josephs (her creative director) and I have been working together for a decade and always throw refs and ideas around. It’s great to work with a team that has trust in you.” 

Elsewhere in the video, twigs and her dancers are transformed into mythical creatures touching on references from Aaliyah from Queen of the Damned and Rei from Neon Genesis. “twigs for me is a mythical creature. She never stops to impress me with her incredible talent, endurance and performance. Her body possesses so much power, so for the make-up, I wanted to portray that in her,” he explains. 

For anybody who wants to achieve twigs’ lip look in this video, Sällström suggests: “Pick up your favourite brown (I used MAC Chestnut lip pencil) and draw your outline, blend or keep it more sharp as I did.”

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