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Watch this make-up artist transform herself into Peppa Pig

TextAlex Peters

(Warning: it’s terrifying)

At this point, we’ve all seen our fair share of beauty tutorials and transformations. But sometimes one creeps up on you that you aren’t expecting. 

Earlier this week, make-up artist Jody Steel put out a tutorial in which she transforms her face and neck into children’s cartoon character (and newly crowned gay icon) Peppa Pig and the results are unsettling, to say the least. The wide, gaping black-void of a mouth. The telephone where the hand should be. The eye slits which peek out from behind Peppa’s snout and ear. 

This stuff of nightmares went viral when Twitter user Chris Smyth tweeted about the tutorial, writing “I just watched a Peppa Pig makeup tutorial and I am never sleeping again.” The tweet has since racked up over 238k likes and 65k retweets from people who (understandably) feel the same way.

“Why have you shared this cursed image?” commented one Twitter user, “they’ve used their power for evil…” replied another. “NOT THE PHONE TOO” cried a third.

Despite terrifying fully grown adults with the unnerving result, Steel actually meant the tutorial for children, telling the Huffington Post: “I really want to inspire kids to be creative and silly with their art. I hope that kids will love it. And I think parents and teens also get amusement from it, as well!”

Regardless of any insomnia that has been caused, there’s no doubt that Steel is a very skilled artist. Her YouTube channel is full of equally incredible and uncanny transformations from SpongeBob SquarePants to Detective Pikachu. We highly recommend you check it out. Once you have gotten over your nightmares, that is. 

Watch the full tutorial below.

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