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Marilyn Manson

Your worst nightmare: Marilyn Manson’s most chilling beauty looks

TextOliver Lunn

Fresh from being cast in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s, The Stand, we dip into the Marilyn Manson archives and unearth some of his most chilling beauty looks yet

Marilyn Manson. Dark prince, pale emperor, rock god. Once rumoured to have had had his ribs removed so he could literally suck himself off, Manson has been carving out a name for himself since he erupted on the scene back in the early 90s. For a guy whose stage name is literally a mix of a superstar and a serial killer, it makes total sense that his looks pack a powerful punch. His penchant for black everything hits you first. Black hair, black lipstick, even black bed sheets. Then there’s his mismatched contact lenses and his face painted as white as a sheet of A4. Fun fact: his favourite eyeliner – black, of course – is Smolder Kohl by MAC, “because it smudges, so I get that ‘just woke up, just got fucked, am a bit of a scoundrel’ look that I like,” he told Rolling Stone

Manson – aka Brian Warner – follows in the tradition of make-up-mad rockstars – Alice Cooper, Bowie, the dudes from Kiss. What sets him apart, though, is his insistence on cranking the creepy factor up just a few more notches. His most iconic beauty looks, as if plucked from your nightmares, are sure to make your eyes pop out of their sockets. 

As the news of Manson being cast in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s post-apocalyptical novel, The Stand, does the rounds, we dip into the Manson archives and unearth some of his most chilling beauty looks yet.

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