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Dua Lipa
courtesy of Instagram/@dualipa

Dua Lipa wants you to know she hasn’t photoshopped her baby pictures

TextAlex Peters

Fans have accused the singer of making her lips bigger in a photograph of herself as a child

Dua Lipa has hit back at accusations that she altered her lips in a baby picture of herself.

It all started a few weeks ago when the singer and YSL ambassador posted a picture of herself as a child on Instagram to celebrate hitting 30 million followers. While many followers took to the comments to say how cute she was or how little she had changed (“That looks recent wtf lol” was Miley Cyrus’ contribution), a number of people began to accuse Dua of altering her lips to make them appear bigger.

“Why photoshop the lips girl u dont need this,” commented someone.

“ok u could’ve at least photoshopped your lips to look natural,, not like a square,” said another.

“so like anyone gonna mention that she photoshopped her lips?”

“photoshopping baby pictures is a whole new level”

“Girl I can’t believe you photoshopped your childhood photo wtf”

In response to these claims, Dua took to Instagram again, posting a series of baby pictures with the caption, “to the people saying i photoshop my baby pictures to make my lips look bigger are mad madddd! can’t believe i have to defend myself. you guys are on crack.”

This speculation about what Dua Lipa may or may not have had done or had photoshopped comes as part of a wider cultural movement of exposing the surgical enhancements of those in the public eye. A growing number of Instagram accounts now exist which are solely dedicated to uncovering celebrity modifications, whether digital or surgical. Dua Lipa has herself been subject to speculation in the past over her lips, with some people of the belief the singer has had lip fillers. Something which some, ironically, if believed would be put to bed by the original baby photograph. “No one can ever say your lips arent natural lol” wrote on commenter on the post.

However, that is not the way of the internet, unfortunately, and our insatiable appetite for uncovering and exposing surgical enhancements means this speculation rumbles on.

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