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Alexis Stone reverses his plastic surgery
courtesy of Instagram/@thealexisstone

Alexis Stone reverses his plastic surgery in a new beauty transformation

TextAlex Peters

The make-up artist turned back the clock in new video

Reversing the clock and undoing the effects of surgery is becoming quite a recurring trend for Elliot Joseph Rentz aka Alexis Stone. The make-up artist and drag queen, who became famous for his incredible celebrity transformations, made headlines earlier this year when he revealed that the extreme, Jocelyn Wildenstein-inspired surgery that followers thought he had undergone months prior was actually an elaborate ruse in a dramatic video in which he pulled off half his face.

Now, Alexis has taken to YouTube again to turn back time and reverse his plastic surgery, however, this time it was through the power of make-up. In the video, Alexis transforms himself into a picture that was taken of him ten years prior, before all the surgery, which he says he gets sent constantly by followers who prefer his more natural look. To achieve the pre-surgery look, Alexis transformed his nose back to it’s natural “bulbous” shape and contoured away his now much more prominent cheekbones, topping it all off with a wig.  

Speaking candidly about his decision to undergo surgery, Alexis says that he had an unhealthy relationship with how he looked back then. “It wasn’t that I felt unattractive,” he tells the audience, “I just had some disconnection with the features that I had...the nose I had then just didn’t feel like the nose I should have.”

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