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I had my face wrapped in a leather mask and pumped with galvanic current

TextIris Rosindo-Chalangeas

A review of Skinwork’s Signature Facial

It was – we admit – the uncanny similarity to Hannibal Lecter’s infamous mask that first drew our attention to Skinwork’s Signature Facial. A face wrapped in gauze bandages and covered with a leather mask overlay with machine-attached wires makes a striking image. It was the glowing reviews from beauty editors and celebrities alike that sealed it, however, and we decided we had to try it out for ourselves.

Taking place in the basement of concept store Alex Eagle Studio, Skinwork’s most popular treatment the Signature Facial involves a congestion-clearing deep cleanse and antioxidant solution mask which penetrates the skin using galvanic currents and stimulates collagen production. Going in before the treatment, my skin wasn’t feeling its best with some texture build up, congestion and blackheads. The process started off like any other facial, with a gentle cleanse, before moving onto the application of a conical heat mask which preps the skin for the extraction phase by opening up the pores. Using a suction tool and their signature rolling technique, all the dirt and toxins were then squeezed out of my pores, a process that was not at all painful.

Next up came the money shot. First, bandages soaked in an antioxidant solution – made up of vitamin C to regenerate tissue and stimulate collagen production and zinc to calm inflammation – were wrapped around my face. Then came the leather mask which is hooked up to a machine that runs galvanic current through the face to allow the antioxidants to penetrate the skin and stimulate cell renewal. This lasted for around 20 minutes during which I obviously felt like a mummy and had an unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth as a result of the currents. However, the upper body massage of my neck, shoulders and arms greatly improved the situation and added a relaxing distraction.

When I emerged out from under the bandages my skin was looking great. The products used to moisturise post-mask didn’t irritate my very sensitive skin and the pressure that had been applied to the different parts of my face had helped release tension and reduce that first-thing-in-the-morning feeling of swollenness. Following the treatment, my skin felt more plump and firm and the congestion I had been suffering from was gone. The galvanic mask provided an instant feeling of awakeness and the upper body massage really helped kick start my day. All in all, I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone whose skin is in need of a good pick-me-up.          

RRP £140 | 70-Minutes |

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