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Daniel Sallstrom
courtesy of Daniel Sallstrom

Daniel Sällström: five beauty products that defined my life

TextEmily Crooked

From Dax wax to Madame Chic, these are the beauty products that have shape make-up maverick Daniel Sällström’s life

Beauty Biographies is a column where we ask some of our favourite people to reflect on the beauty items that have influenced their lives and have a sentimental place in their heart. From their grandmother’s perfume to the eyeshadow they wore to their first dance these are the products that have had a significant impact on them and that instantly transport them back to a particular time, place, or person.

Make-up artist by day, smouldering drag queen by night (although sometimes the lines aren’t as clear cut), Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Daniel Sällström is everywhere right now: those bright yellow feather lashes at Iceberg AW19, the camo spray paint looks at Mowalola the same week, Tilda Swinton for the cover of Candy, the rave looks at MISBHV at PFW, and that’s all in the last month. Originally from Gothenburg in Sweden, he moved to London when he was 20 and quickly made a name for himself on the London queer nightlife scene as the utterly gorgeous @innitbabes. From there, his exquisite make-up skills landed him a job at MAC in Selfridges. Skip forward a few years and Daniel’s painting the faces of Jazzelle AKA @uglyworldwide, Kelela and FKA Twigs. His recent NOWNESS film Fashion Disciples: Black with Isaac Lock parodies the idea of fashion industry ego beautifully. A true visionary, here are the products that shaped his life.

Madame Chic

My sister used to be a “Madame Chic girl” when she was maybe 15. It's the same as an Avon lady or tupperwear girl – basically, she got a huge make-up kit with all their products and then women would throw parties where she would come and sell the make-up to them. A bit like a botox party I guess! Anyway as a child of around 8 this was a dream. It's really what got me into makeup and when I was home alone I would sit and play with all this makeup. Thinking back to it now I don’t think the products were very good but as an 8 year old gay boy (soon to be drag queen) it was HEAVEN!

Get it here: Madame Chic

Liquid Bronzer

My mum used to have this Rimmel liquid bronzer. It was basically this brown shimmery cream that stank of perfume (toxic) like “market makeup” does. I loved it and always tried to put it on discreetly without anyone noticing (which everyone did).

Get it here: L'Oréal Paris Bonjour Sunshine Tanned Skin Embellisher

Dax Wax

When I was 10 I used to use Dax wax to spike my hair up. Very 90s… the only problem was that on my hair it was way too greasy so I had to use washing up liquid to get it out, and even that didn’t really get it out and made my hair a mess!

Get it here: Dax Wave and Groom Wax

Proffs Super Strong Hair Spray

When I became a goth at the age of 14 this was what I spent all my little pocket money on. it was the strongest hair spray you could find in Gothenburg. All the alternative kids used it to create that messy Robert Smith look. This product really changed my life, look and ruined my hair. There was this park Gothenburg where all the punks, goths, emotive kids, mods and rockers would hang out called Vasa Parken and it would literally always stink of this hairspray (oh and fags and booze!)

Get it here: Proffs Super Strong Hairspray

Smolder MAC Eyeliner

I think I used this eyeliner everyday for about 10 years from the age of 15-25 or something. It was perfect I would just smear this greasy super black (slightly green when blended out) eyeliner and smudge it with my finger and look very goth. It's probably one of the products that really got me into makeup and self-expression.

Get it here: MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder

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