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This Procter & Gamble Opté Precision Wand is the answer to perfect skin

TextEmily Crooked

It’s like magic, but real

Earlier this month, Procter & Gamble announced a beauty tech product that might just change things forever. Their new product Opté Precision Wand is an applicator that specifically targets blemishes and discolouration of the skin and only applies its colour correcting serum to those areas. And, honestly, it’s just as sci-fi as it sounds.

By using a blue LED light to scan the skin, the device is able to detect “3x more skin pigmentation than the human eye is capable of perceiving,” allowing it to notice spots that you haven’t even noticed yet. This is paired with an integrated digital camera that sends 200 pictures a second to a processor which analyses the data, determining the size, shape and the extent of the discolouration of the skin. Top that off with a Micro Serum Jet Printer with 120 thermal inkjet nozzles each thinner than a human hair which deposit a colour correcting serum exactly where it needs to be and nowhere else, and you have an alternative to foundation that preserves your natural skin tone, covers blemishes and doesn’t clog your pores.

As if we’re not already sold, you also can’t sweat it off. It’s literally all the benefits of foundation without any of the hassles of having to match a colour, touch it up through the day or worry about smudging it every time your nose is itchy.

According to P&G, the device will work with all skin tones with an initial range of fair, medium and dark being released later this year or early 2020. As for a price, we don’t know yet but given the sophistication of the technology and the sheer desirability of the product we can’t imagine it’ll be cheap…

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