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Latex bandana, latex gilet, jeans and platform shoes by MM6; straw hat from Costume Studio; socks by Junya WatanabePhotography Ben Toms, styling Robbie Spencer. Taken from Dazed Winter 2014

First they came for make-up and now the Kardashians are coming for haircare

TextViolet Conroy

Kendall Jenner becomes the fourth in the Kardashian clan to break into the haircare industry with Formawell Beauty, launching the Runway Series

After fronting cosmetic campaigns for Estée Lauder, as well as the brand's short-lived Millennial-targeted line Esteée Edit, Kendall Jenner has turned her attention to haircare, becoming the face of ‘Runway Series,’ a new styling line from Formawell Beauty.

As part of her new role, Jenner will have direct creative input into upcoming products. Ron Razeggi, chief operating officer of Formawell told WWD, “Hair is part of the fashion industry and who better than Kendall Jenner to inspire our packaging and design? Now the talent and the product have come together to launch on social media and at retail.”

All products from the Formawell Runway range are infused with ionic-gold mineral technology to make your hair look ultra-shiny and conditioned from the infrared energy of the 24-karat gold minerals. The marketing campaign for the line will also include 15 other social media influencers, with a combined following of over 200 million that the brand will be hoping to tap into. 

Kendall recently celebrated reaching a milestone 100 million Instagram followers, joining her sisters Kim and Kylie in the exclusive club. 

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