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The most oddly satisfying make-up removal videos

TextJessica Heron-Langton

A new wave of beauty bloggers are filming themselves taking off their make-up, tape, and prosthetics to reveal entirely different features

There's a new weird beauty trend taking the web by storm. With prosthetics and tape, beauty bloggers are now transforming their faces entirely, using clever tricks to turn themselves into cartoon-like dolls. Although make-up is traditionally used to enhance our features, these techniques allow for entirely new ones. Eyes are bigger, noses thinner, faces longer, and chins pointier. Add to this coloured contact lenses, rosy lips and false lashes, and the effects are astounding. But the trend doesn’t stop here. Videos of these women removing their prosthetics and revealing their natural features have gone absolutely viral. Tape is ripped off to reveal wider jawlines, noses are sliced at the bridge to reveal flatter forms. It makes for fascinating viewing. Indeed, while the aim of these techniques is to conceal, it is in their methodical undoing which is where the true artistry lies.  Here are our top #makeupremovals:

This video starts off with a girl sticking a floss stick right through her nose. Do I have your attention? From there she removes sellotape from the side of her face, pulls down the floss stick from her nose and then removes the fake nose from her face entirely. She also removes two black objects from her nostrils, presumably used to create a thinner looking nose and finishes off with make-up remover. The difference is a broader face, bigger lips and a darker skin tone, all in all, an entirely different looking person.

Here we start with the removal of tape from the side of the face, then we take off a wig, contacts, a fake nose, fake eyelashes (on the top and bottom eyelids) and then the make-up. It’s a long process shown to us in a sped up video, but the transformation is mind-boggling. Again the face becomes fuller, the lips are bigger, the nose is wider, and the eyes are smaller.

We watch this beauty blogger defy age. Starting off looking youthful and doll-like, as the prosthetics come off, the contacts come out, eyebrows wiped off and more and more make-up removed, the older we realise she is.

Welcome to the bumper load of make-up removal videos. A turbocharged compilation of the best of beauty content. Here you’ll find a variety of women removing their make-up, showing off the unbelievable transformation processes in unique and beguiling ways.   

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