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Tom Ford boys and girls lipstick
Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lipstick Collection

These are the best gender inclusive make-up products out there

TextAnya Angert

Meet the brands who are smashing stereotypes and bringing you the new face of beauty

For too long beauty has been solely the domain of girls, with a glaring lack of gender-neutral options on the market. However, a recent, rising shift towards non-binary make-up is presenting hope for a future without such rigid beauty parameters, by dissolving traditional and outmoded stereotypes and pushing for an increase in gender diversity.

Here are some brands who are adopting a beauty-for-all ethos and operating in a genderless zone.

Boy de Chanel Eyebrow Pencil

Coco always had an aversion to social norms and a knack for re-writing the rules, and this Chanel make-up collection for men – named for Coco's lover Boy Capel – reaffirms the eponymous iconoclast’s legacy and vision. Adhering to their "Beauty is about style. It knows no gender" motto, the recently launched line is made up of three items, including a waterproof and long-lasting double ended eyebrow pencil, with a spiral brush on one end to groom those unruly brows and a crayon liner in four different shades to define them on the other.

Get it here: Boy de Chanel Eyebrow Pencil

JECCA Correct and Conceal Palette

Unisex make-up brand JECCA was launched to fill a gap in a restrictive binary market after the founder heard that her clients felt “overlooked” by mainstream beauty brands. Determined to fulfil its mantra #MakeupHasNoGender, JECCA’s colour-correcting palette comes in six shades (from light to dark) and can be used as a foundation or concealer, with layering capacity to neutralise any beard-shadow-blue. What’s more, it’s made entirely with vegan ingredients, catering to those in the process of transitioning so they aren’t affected by any unnecessary hormones.

Get it here: JECCA Correct and Conceal Palette 

NGS Everything Serum

NGS, aka Non Gender Specific, stemmed from frustration at a gender-divided beauty industry and a need for inclusivity. The brand prides itself on being “the brand for all humans”, and as its founder, Andrew Glass, expresses, aims to “promote individuality”. Their heaven-sent serum is comprised of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and combats all major skin concerns such as wrinkles, skin fatigue, discolouration, elasticity. The silky smooth, easily absorbed formula promises to brighten complexion, firm skin and reduce pore size, with results noticed a mere five minutes after application.

Get it here: NGS Everything Serum

MAC Eye Kohl x Brant Brothers

MAC Cosmetics’ collaboration with the Brant brothers offers an expanding unisex line featuring all the tools you need for a flawless finish, regardless of your gender identity. Their soft, high definition pencil eyeliner is available in three shades: El Dorado (a bold gold shimmer), Smolder (a matte carbon black) and Paragon (a pearly champagne shimmer).

Get it here: M.A.C Eye Kohl / Brant Brothers

GCDS Lip Marijuana

Streetwear brand GCDS have launched a cosmetics line in an effort to promote inclusive beauty. “Having to follow some canons and rules seems so old-fashioned. Beauty comes in all the shapes and forms. Attitude is beauty. Care is beauty. Grace is beauty. Character is beauty,” says founder Giuliano Calza. The brand’s first drop includes a range of four lipsticks under the names Hype, Blinghoe, Marijuana 4:20, and Velvet D.I.C.K. Lip Marijuana is the shining star of the lot, containing a pH reagent that turns into a blushing cherry tint as soon as it is applied on lips and cheeks.

Get it here: GCDS Lip Marijuana 


Fluide Liquid Lipstick in Poodle Beach

These forward-facing makers of “make-up for him, her, them, everyone” cater to all gender identities and are championing the importance of inclusion and representation for all individuals. With gender non-conforming actress Freckle as one of its ambassadors, Fluide aims “to create this really diverse and expansive constellation of role models for people to see parts of themselves reflected in," founder Giancarlo says. Fluide also donates five per cent of its profits to organisations that support health and legal rights in the LGBTQ community. 

The brand features an extensive product range, with items named after famous queer spaces. Their Liquid Lipstick in Poodle Beach contains a high-pigment formula that offers a kiss-proof, matte finish.

Get it here: Liquid Lipstick in Poodle Beach

Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lipstick Collection

Tom Ford was a notable early pioneer of male cosmetics, launching a range of concealers, bronzing gels and brow gel combs for men in 2013.

For a more bold and colourful look, however, why not turn to his Boys & Girls lipstick collection. Named after 100 of his closest (most famous) friends, 50 boys and 50 girls, the collection featured a gender inclusive campaign. Creamy and long-lasting, these lipsticks make a glamorous addition to anyone’s makeup bag.

Get it here: Tom Ford Lipstick in Armie

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