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“You Look Disgusting” beauty blogger releases follow up video

TextAnya Angert

Following on from her viral video “You Look Disgusting,” My Pale Skin's Em Ford launches a new video, “Redefine Pretty,” about the psychological effects attached to being traditionally pretty

YouTuber, vlogger and leading voice for the #skinpositivity movement Em Ford is back with yet another hard-hitting and convention-breaking short film that invites us to re-examine today’s perceptions of beauty.

You Look Disgusting, a video examining the vitriolic comments Em received after publishing un-made up pictures of herself online which revealed the extent of her struggles with acne, went viral three years ago, garnering global accolades and over 29 million views. Em’s newest project Redefine Pretty takes the conversation further by providing tangible evidence of the psychological effects that traditional definitions of “being pretty” can have on women.

An ambassador for the YouTube Creators for Change project, Em directed and produced this film, stating she “set out wanting to discover if today’s ‘beauty standards’ are to blame for the way we see and feel about ourselves.”

“From visible skin conditions such as acne, scarring and birthmarks, to sharing why representation is so important in the media and society, this is a heartbreakingly real picture of how ‘beauty’ is measured, and if it’s truly ever achievable,” Em continues. “Redefine Pretty is about real women, real stories and shining a light on the harsh reality, and psychological effects beauty standards place on women. I want to empower all women with the confidence to live their lives without the feeling of being judged for their appearance. Beyond that, it leaves one question - what effect would changing these negative standards of ‘beauty’ have on young women?”

With the help of a Professor of Human Brain Research, Em unearthed a ground-breaking discovery that has never been proven before. Scans showing brain activity of women whilst looking at images that weren’t conventionally ‘pretty’ showed negative reactions similar to those seen in individuals with PTSD and anxiety disorders; research that is instrumental and adds gravity and weight to an evidently serious topic.

Through this empowering video, Em is determined to shift the paradigm around beauty and help diffuse the unnecessary judgement felt by women for their appearance, as well continue to drive a much-needed conversation and change.

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