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Dazed Beauty Community: Lily Bloom

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The 25-year-old artist turned model booker, casting agent, and curator defines her beauty aesthetic as “grotesque, clean and fluid"

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Naked, first thing in the morning, is when London local Lily Bloom feels most beautiful. The 25-year-old artist turned model booker, casting agent, and curator defines her beauty aesthetic as grotesque, clean and fluid, and says it usually involves wearing a blue shimmer on her lips by Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited. As for her work, she says: “My brother and most of my friends went to art school, namely CSM. I didn’t think that was my path and never considered myself an artist because I can’t draw and didn’t have the degree to prove it. I’m starting to see that credentials don’t make an artist.”

Lily names Anna Nicole Smith as her beauty icon, and as a self-proclaimed overweight child, Smith (wearing whatever she wanted, however it fit) was Lily’s lesson in “all-sizes-are-sexy”. Despite her teenage years, which were plagued with diets and self-destructive comparison games, Lily no longer subscribes to the quest of caring about attaining the label of conventionally beautiful, but rather channels her own conception of beauty. If you want to get a feel for what that looks like, check out her Instagram.

What’s your favourite smell and why?
Le Labo – Santal 33. My mum bought it for me as a gift and every time someone compliments it I think of her.

What beauty product would you take with you to the moon?
Liha shea butter. I’d probably be doing something very important on the moon so wouldn’t want to be hindered by chapped lips or dry skin.

Would you rather Colonise Mars or build a utopia in the centre of the earth? Why?
Earth’s core but it’s a difficult choice. I don’t want to live underground but wouldn’t want to wreck another planet by selfishly colonising.

If you could have a new sense on top of your existing ones, what would it be?
I would like to be able to sense higher callings. I wouldn’t always tell people what I sensed from them but if they needed direction or felt hopeless I could save them a lot of anguish.

It’s the year 2100. You’re the owner of the largest beauty tech company in the world, what five products or treatments will you dedicate your resources trying to invent?
1. Supercharged detachable appendages. I hope that by 2100 medical prosthetics will be as good as “real” limbs so why not have a little fun with them? What if you wanted a third snake arm or a 50ft vibrating tongue? A catalogue of endless accessories for every possible desire, all attachable and affordable.

2. The physical externalisation of emotion. It's a cliché to say that beauty comes from within but wouldn’t we all like the opportunity to sit down and chat with our vulnerabilities? A machine would shake out all your current worries or specified emotions. You’d get them back at the end of the spa visit but for while you’re there they’d be safely boxed away or ready to talk if you were.

3. Luminous flesh – an injection to make your largest organ glisten and gleam. Semi-permanent chameleon glitter skin. UV and glow in the dark available obviously.

4. Coded hair follicle implants – I want an acid green mullet today and from my panel of a billion plus options I can choose that and have my follicle implants manifest it.

5. Sensory robotic face cream. A cream with microscopic undetectable robots which adapt and change with your skin's needs. Blemish? Sudden need for UV protection? Overnight dryness? All seen to with one application which lasts and adapts all day.

You have to replace your body with that of an animal or a mythological creature. What do you go for and why?
Lilith from Jewish mythology. Although evil she’s the physical embodiment of lust.

It is the sixth day and you are creating humans. They can look however you want them to. What do they look like?
How we view others is a reflection of ourselves so I would like humans to look exactly as they wish and appear that way to others. Shapeshifters who can change moment to moment, gender to genderless, and be recognised as such instantly.

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