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Seth Rogen

Everyone loves Seth Rogen’s gloopy acrylic manicure

TextAlex Peters

Nails by Mei shares how she created our new favourite celebrity nails and BTS images

Seth Rogen has taken the idea of matching your nails to your accessories to a whole other level, debuting an acrylic set that perfectly complements his handmade joint ashtray. In a video unveiling the latest creation from his ceramics brand Houseplant, Rogen is shown smoking his trademark blunt with a very fabulous manicure that matches the green and blue textured pattern of the brand’s new ashtray.    

If you are a fan of nail art you probably won’t be surprised to find out that the gloopy nails come courtesy of Nails by Mei AKA Mei Kawajiri, who has created some of our favourite manicures over the last few years. From 3D boob nails to Kawaii animals at Marc Jacobs and Hunter Schafer’s Studio Ghibli manicure, Kawajiri’s designs are always fun, unexpected and totally original. These Rogen nails are no exception. 

When Rogen’s team reached out to Kawajiri about working on the project, she says they were looking for something fun and surprising. “We discussed matching the design but adding length for drama,” she says. “I was so excited!”

Creating the nails to be as close a match to the ceramics as possible, Kawajiri mixed several blue and green polishes together to achieve the right shade. The globs meanwhile were created using 3D acrylic to mirror the 3D globs on the ceramic. “The gloopy design is a fun way to use colour and add in texture without being so serious,” she says, adding how happy she is that Rogen is enjoying his manicure so much. “Seth loves his gloopy nails, he told me he has been wearing them for two days now and that everyone loves them.”  

Are they the next big trend? “Casual long nails are for everyone in 2022!” she says.

While length and colour have always been a way to experiment with your nails, increasingly we are seeing nail artists play with texture as well. The waterdrop nail trend made popular by Sojin Oh involved placing 3D embellishments that look like delicate droplets of water onto the nails. 

Meanwhile a wave of nail artists creating sculptures is emerging. Soph Parkinson’s miniature nail still lifes feature street settings, tiny bottles of Fairy liquid and cranes, while Tomoya Nakagawa and Taichi Yamane tend towards the more abstract, with delicate amoeba blobs and galactic shapes. Lisa Mård’s nail sculptures are both creepy and intriguing, gothy mediaeval futurism from another planet.

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