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Missy Elliott
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Missy Elliott shares her new Prince-inspired purple hair

TextPatrick Benjamin

Purple mane, purple mane

Missy Elliott has dyed her hair purple in tribute to the late, great Prince.

The artist paired her violet curls with front braids and purple eyeliner for a full lilac lewk, while dancing along to Prince’s song “Until the end of time, I'll be there for you”.

“Saaaang Prince,” the artist said in the caption of the video she posted to Twitter, adding: “Purple has always been my favourite colour.”

Earlier this year, the rapper shared a light plum-coloured pixie cut on Instagram – crafted by celebrity hairstylist Kellon Deryck – for her appearance in a music video for London-born Ghanian artist Bree Runway.

Missy has spoken before about how she nearly worked with the Prince, telling CBC Music’s The Strombo Show back in 2016 that the artist had sent her music for a potential collaboration after the pair met in Los Angeles. 

Tragically, it never amounted to anything as Missy says she lost it: “He had sent me some stuff, music of his, and I moved and I could never find that music," she told The Guardian. “Yesterday, I was sitting there saying, ‘I have to go to my house, in my storage space, and find this music.’”

Let’s pray she finds it!

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