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valentino voce viva lady gaga fragrance campaign
Courtesy of Valentino Beauty

Valentino Beauty’s newest fragrance helps celebrate your voice and strength

TextDominic Cadogan

The meeting point between couture and cool, Voce Viva will bring out your confidence and self-expression

This is Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys. 


Brand: Valentino Beauty

Product: Voce Viva eau de parfum 

Price: from £55


‘My voice, my strength’ is the tagline at the centre of Valentino Beauty’s new fragrance, Voce Viva. Fitting then, when you learn that the name translates to “the voice is alive” – a celebration of self-expression, individuality, and the beauty in what makes everyone’s voice unique to them. 

Who better to bring that message to life than Lady Gaga, an artist who has always used her voice to celebrate her boundless creativity as well as her legion of adoring fans. The meeting point of colour, couture, and cool, Voce Viva embodies the singer’s confidence while giving her the strength to share it with those around her. 

For me, fragrance has always been a way to assert my identity and give me the strength to get through any obstacles. Whether it’s a big meeting or a first date, the wafts of fragrance throughout the day allow me to feel confident and at my best, and being non-binary, I can have any choice of scent – be it ‘masculine’, ‘feminine’ or floating in-between. 

Voce Viva – created by Amandine Clerc Marie and Honorine Blanc – is a beautiful blend of Calabrian bergamot, mandarin, and ginger, brought together with heart notes of white flowers, and finished with crystal moss and vanilla for a delicate woody musk. While the fragrance is delicately floral, its lasting muskiness is powerful and I feel strength from celebrating my femininity. 

The sleek bottle that takes inspiration from a couture silhouette brings more of the cool and colour elements, with a flash of the house’s signature red and Rockstuds delicately lining the cap. 


Who would use it… Lady Gaga, obviously. She’s the face of the Voce Viva campaign! 

If you had to describe it using only emojis… 🗣️💪

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