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Nikita Dragun Miami coronavirus mask

Nikita Dragun criticised for flying to Miami just for a NYE party

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A viral TikTok posted by a group of fans shows the beauty influencer joking about not wearing a mask

PSA: despite 2020 being over, coronavirus is still a threat in 2021 and staying safe to protect yourself, others, and healthcare workers all over the world is more important than ever. It bears saying because unfortunately many (read: influencers) have decided their Christmas vacay is more important than following guidelines – looking at you Charli and Dixie D’Amelio

Nikita Dragun has also come under fire after a TikTok featuring her maskless in Miami has gone viral. Captured with friend and socialite Dorothy Wang, Dragun appears in a lift with a pair of fans who film her – they’re both wearing masks, as well as Wang. “Everyone’s gonna yell at me because I'm not wearing a mask,” she can be heard saying. While there are currently no laws enforcing mask wearing in Florida, California – where Dragun is based – is telling its residents to stay at home indefinitely. 

Obviously people are unimpressed, commenting on the video with their criticism. “The fact she knows everyone will yell at her for not wearing a mask, like yes girl... obviously... so put one on,” reads one. “Love her camo mask,” joked another. Others have noted the hypocrisy of Dragun telling her followers to stay home, while travelling across the country to appear at a club. 

Despite criticism, Dragun has yet to address the controversy, but has continued making public appearances around Miami and posting about them. 



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