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10 cool products to help you survive the heatwave

TextDominic Cadogan

Just chill, man

If you’ve moaned at least once about the unbearable heat this summer – particularly over the past week – then welcome, because you’re not alone. When your £9.99 Argos fan isn’t quite cutting it, Tesco is all out of ice, and your paddling pool is looking like a sad deflated balloon at the end of your garden (if you’ve even got one), we’ve got a solution (or rather 10) for you. 

Stop what you’re doing and look no further than these 10 beauty products that are guaranteed to instantly cool you down. With remedies for your face, hair, feet, body, and eyes, there is something for everyone. So, scroll on and chill out


Perfecore – Gel Cold Pack Face Mask 

Perhaps one for at-home use rather than out and about (unless you want to scare kids in your local park, by all means go ahead), Perfecore’s full coverage gel face mask is ready to use after chilling in the fridge or freezer. It remedies dry and tired eyes, gives some relief for migraines, swelling, and for those suffering with sleeping conditions. It also doubles up as a heat mask so you can zap it in the microwave. 

Green People – Toning Hydrating Mist 

For a simple hydrating mist, Green People have packed a lot of punch into this product. The vegan formula can be used on both face and body to instantly reduce redness and a flushed appearance and it can also soothe skin after hair removal. Pop it in the fridge before heading out to amplify the cooling sensation. It also smells great, with a delicate fragrance combining orange blossom, rose water, and marshmallow. 

Urban Decay – Chill Make-up Setting Spray

If you decide to brave the outside world with a full face of make-up, don’t even try it without having Urban Decay’s Chill Setting Spray. It is guaranteed to hold your beaten and baked face in place for 12 hours, even in the most humid conditions. 


Rituals – The Ritual of Karma Foot Balm 

If, like me, you can’t bear having your feet on show (even on the hottest of days) then you’ll know that they are in desperate need of TLC at the end of a long day. Rituals’ Foot Balm utilises Chinese mint to cool and soothe your tired hooves, while also healing any dryness to leave them feeling revitalised. 


StackedSkincare – Cryotherapy Ice Roller

Who needs real deal, expensive cryotherapy when StackedSkincare’s Cryotherapy Ice Roller will do? Filled with a mixture of gel and water, the roller is ready to go after 10 minutes in the freezer and its stainless steel surface depuffs and cools the skin instantly. Perfect for redness, irritation, and even acne lesions, it can be used on the face and body. 

Bliss – Minty Soap Scrub 

Whether you shower in the morning or the evening, Bliss’s Minty Soap Scrub bar will refresh you for the day ahead or leave you feeling cool and clean before going to sleep. The vegan formula and jojoba beads slough away dead skin and leave it feeling smooth, refreshed, and clean. 

ESPA – Cooling Body Moisturiser 

Suitable for all skin types, ESPA’s Cooling Body Moisturiser includes menthol to cool you down, while the addition of moisturising hyaluronic acid and sunflower concentrate nourishes the skin for hours. 


Body Shop – Cooling Gel Eye Mask 

This cute and affordable gel eye mask utilises aloe vera to cool tired and weary eyes – simply pop into the fridge 10 minutes before using. Not just a favourite for the summer, it can be soaked in warm water to help you relax and unwind during the colder months too. 

Revolution Skincare – Cooling Eye Roller Ball 

Perfect for popping in your bag on the go, Revolution Skincare’s Cooling Eye Roller Ball instantly cools and boosts circulation with its metal tip. It can be used in the morning to reduce puffiness or throughout the day to brighten your eyes if they’re feeling dry, or if you are suffering from hayfever. 


Aveda – Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair and Scalp Refresher

This natural lightweight formula moisturises hair from scalp to end and provides the perfect pick-me-up for hair that is dry and frazzled from the heat. Shake well and spritz all over, with no need to rinse. 

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