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Erika Lust group masturbation session
Photography Sabela Eiriz, via @xconfessions

Erika Lust is hosting the world’s largest group masturbation session

TextDominic Cadogan

Tune in and get off

Put your hand up if you’ve been horny in lockdown (be honest!). Well, you’re not alone, and with the theory that female masturbation can open a portal to hell, it might explain all the terrible, terrible things that seem to be happening right now. 

On a more positive note, indie adult filmmaker Erika Lust is looking to bring out sense of community, announcing that tomorrow she will be attemping to host the world’s largest masturbation session. “I’m ending this masturbation month with a bang and I want you to be part of it too!” she posted on her Instagram account. “Imagine what it would be like if everyone in the world masturbated at the same time? Well, this Sunday May 31, I’m hosting a worldwide masturbation session, a sex-positive event with the idea of mindfulness and intention setting to create positive energy.⁠”

Hosted online, the session will be completely in accordance with social distancing guidelines around the world and there’s no need to worry about being seen, you’ll be able to get off in private. The best part is that Lust is offering three options rom her vast selection of Xconfessions short films to help you get off. 

If you’re interested in attempting to break the record, submit your details here and you’ll be notified when it’s time to tune in. In the meantime, read Lust’s guide on her fave sex toys and how to use them. 

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