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Booty beauty: Six of the best products for your butt

TextLia Mappoura

A glowing, acne-free butt is not a big ass-k

Has it ever crossed your mind that your butt may require its own skincare regime? While facial acne, dryness, and hyperpigmentation can be a pain in the arse, what about the problems that we literally have on our arse? Buttne is a real thing!

From vaginal steaming to micro-needling, 2019 has seen some unusual trends, and one of our favourites that shouldn’t go neglected is skincare for your butt. While it’s yet another step to squeeze into your routine, your butt deserves just as much TLC as your face. So, here are five of the best masks, creams, and scrubs just for your derrière.


The brains behind the innovative skincare category, Bawdy Beauty, offer a range of masks for toned, firm, glowing, and perfectly hydrated butt skin. Clean ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals make up the non-toxic formulations to protect your hormonal balance as well as the environment. The four main ingredients in the Firming + Illuminating Butt Sheet Mask – plant-based collagen, chamomile, blue algae, and oat extract – make for an all-rounded skin plump and lifted rump.

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If a supple look and feel is what you seek, the combination of Anese’s targeted ingredients that work to cleanse and nourish is for you. Made from kaolin pink clay, B vitamins, and collagen, the Thickness Collagen Booty Mask (that is also cruelty-free) will detox and plump with the help of isopropyl myristate and soluble collagen.

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Loved for its instant smoothing and hydrating benefits, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum cream makes use of caffeine, coconut oil, and cupuaçu and is the secret to the infamous Brazilian booty. Rich in South America’s secret ingredients, the cream also minimises cellulite. But, don’t stop at your butt, because this multi-hyphenate can be slathered all over, including your tummy, arms, and legs. From the same cult brand comes the award-winning Biggie Biggie Bum Bum cream. Just as good as the first, this caffeine-rich guaraná formula works wonders to firm and nourish and is scented with addictive notes of salted caramel and pistachio.

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Wanting to banish buttne fast? Green Heart Labs curated the first-ever acne lotion formulated specifically for the butt and you’ll be able to see a difference in as little as 24 hours. The combination of alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate and aloe, calendula, and arnica to soothe inflammation will reveal new even-toned skin day-after-day.

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Here it is. The scrub that you’ve likely seen all over Instagram. Why? Because its formula zaps away acne and makes cellulite and stretch marks distant memories of the past. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, including sweet almond oil, walnut shell, vanilla bean, and sea salt, the ingredients help to boost circulation and minimise dry skin. And not to fret, unlike others, this is a super-fine scrub that won’t cause any micro-tears in the skin.

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