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#AllIsFineWithMe: Russian women protest beauty standards on Instagram

TextAlex Peters

The new social media campaign is a bid to spread body positivity by celebrating ‘imperfections’

A new body positive movement has taken hold in Russia. Dubbed #SoMnoyVsyoTak or #AllIsFineWithMe, the online campaign has seen thousands of women take to social media to protest unrealistic beauty standards by sharing selfies showing off their “imperfections” including acne, hair loss, and stretch marks.

The campaign was started by Russian teen Natalia Zemlianukhina who encouraged her 1.2 million Instagram followers to post photos of themselves without make-up in a bid to challenge strict beauty standards which pressure women to look perfect. Sharing a short video featuring models with scars, burns and other ‘imperfections’, Zemlianukhina, who herself has suffered from anorexia, wrote: “Beauty standards destroy the lives, self-esteem and health of girls,” before asking her followers to spread self-love and self-acceptance.

Since the initial post, the video has been viewed over one million times and racked up thousands of comments. Meanwhile, the hashtag has been shared over 2,500 times. 

“I am the way I am, and to hide the flaws diligently is a waste of time,” wrote @krasavina70, who has only one hand due to a congenital disorder, while @sashaagb shared her long journey with acne and self-esteem, writing that at one point it got so bad she could no longer look in the mirror. However, she found strength in online communities of other people with acne. “You build a strong wall of inner harmony and confidence that comments no longer break through,” she writes. “You keenly feel that you live in the 21st century, on the verge of reappraising many things. You are no longer surprised that little is said about real acne in Russian. You become strong enough to be the one who speaks.”

#AllIsFineWithMe is part of a growing number of feminist body positivity campaign around the world. Last year, women in Korea shared videos of themselves smashing up make-up on social media as part of a movement dubbed “Escape the Corset” protesting impossible beauty standards.

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