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Chrome Hearts Fragrance Campaign
Photography Laurie Lynn Stark

Exclusive: Cult LA brand Chrome Hearts launches first fragrance collection

TextAlex Peters

Its first foray into beauty sees the brand bring its signature cool to a new collection of unisex fragrances

Cult Los Angeles brand Chrome Hearts is branching out into beauty.

The family-run luxury accessories and lifestyle brand, known for their exquisite hand-craftsmanship and work with leather and silver, is launching a collection of unisex fragrances, candles and incense. 

Centred around two scents, +33+ and +22+, the collection is intimately tied to the family behind the brand and represents the fine line Chrome Hearts has always walked between old-school rock ‘n’ roll mystery and youthful energy. +33+ layers notes of spicy citrus with warm leathery oils and incense creating almost a sense of the holy ritual, while +22+ offers a fresher, floral fragrance with notes of jasmine and iris which combine with bergamot and leather for a balanced blend.

“For me, the fragrances are a bit exotic but not overwhelming. They flirt with your senses” says Chrome Hearts co-owner Laurie Lynn. “The notes really just bring me back to visiting different places in the world... mornings in an exotic locale, a path in a garden with rare flowers, oils from a church, there is definitely a calming feeling that is evoked from these scents.” 

Years in the making, the fragrances were conceived by Laurie Lynn and co-founder husband Richard Stark, alongside their daughter Jesse Jo, who would spend months with each scent, observing how they behaved and affected moods and energy. Starting as a personal passion project for Laurie Lynn who has been mixing oils her whole life, before evolving into a fragrance concept for the brand, the family drew on themselves, their stories and travels, and their personalities for inspiration. “All of the oils were sourced travelling with our family,” Laurie Lynn and youngest daughter Frankie Belle tell us. “It was a process that was just very intuitive. If something struck us, we figured out how to incorporate it into the formula so all of it is quite personal.” 

“When people smell these, they feel like they are at our home and I love that so much!” adds Jesse Jo. 

Each scent will lend itself to a series of products which includes eau de parfum, solid perfume, scented nail polish, incense and a candle, all hand-crafted in France and contained within crystal bottles with silver caps. Sustainability was very important for the brand, with the fragrances created using clean and thoughtful processes, Laurie Lynn says, and all packaging recyclable and made with post-consumer recycled paper. Celebrating the collection is a campaign shot by Laurie Lynn featuring daughters Jesse Jo and Frankie Belle, as well as family friend Paris Brosnan, in both Los Angeles and Paris.

These fragrances mark the first time the brand has broached beauty and will also see the first time it has sold online, with the brand sticking to an old-school retail mentality until now.  

Conceived in the late 80s by Richard and Laurie Lynn, Chrome Hearts was born out of Richard’s experiences creating custom leather designs for punk and rock legends including Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Heart, Lenny Kravitz and Mötley Crüe. In 1992, Chrome Hearts received one of fashion’s greatest honour, the CDFA prize. Since then, the independent family-run business has accrued an impossibly cool rooster of fans and collaborators including Rei Kawakubo, Cher, Bella Hadid, Virgil Abloh and Pat McGrath. 

The fragrances will launch this month, exclusively at Selfridges London and then worldwide later in the year, with prices starting at £510.

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