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Courtesy of @emirshiro

These are the best bums on Instagram

TextJules and Gebs

You can double tap but you can’t touch

The brainchild of best friends Jules and Gebs, @RavveBeauty is the Instagram account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all that is disturbing, disarming and alluring when it comes to underground beauty. Doubled up contact lenses, iridescent face shimmer, obscure facial piercings, heads shaved to look like flowers in full bloom,unibrows, no brows, wiggly brows. Lending us their well-honed eye, here they pick their top beauty Instagrams of the month.

As a very wise man once sung, I like big butts and I cannot lie. But being big doesn't necessarily a beautiful bottom make. Just look at these Instagrammers, whose backends come in every shape and size and flavour. Bound in rope, collaged onto classical paintings, spliced by architectural forms or spread eagle mid-twerk; The perfect undulation of two symmetrical curves joined at the seam of mystery. Yup, the booty has gone viral and we are here for it #🍑. So without further ado, here are the best bottoms on Instagram. Oh-my-god-Becky, look at these butts...


Emir Shiro is the French artist and graphic designer who juxtaposes classic art, epic curves and artful humour in his whimsical collages. 


A videographer and installation artist, Dani Olivier dresses the naked body in hypnotic light projections. Mesmerizing.


Last year, City Girls and Cardi B issued a global call out to find the best twerker in the world to be featured in the explosive video for their duo Twerk, and this Jamaican dancehall queen rose to the top. Get ready to shake it.


Part curator part visual artist, our dear friend Billy delights is big on butts. Here he spotlights a bound up bottom, lensed by Seoul-born, Queens-based photographer Insuh.


The London-based, French erotic model plays with fire – as he walks the tightrope of Instagram's censorship rules– and makes our eyes burn.


Headed up by Giulia, this account explores the structure of pleasure with archi-erotic collages that put the booty at the centre of the universe.

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