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Valentine's Nails

@krocaine wants you to wear your heart on your nails this Valentine's Day

TextKro Vargas

Here Contributing Editor and nail juggernaut Kro Vargas AKA @krocaine selects her favourite Valentine's Day inspired claws

Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Kro Vargas (@krocaine) is a nail juggernaut. A love that began in the nail salons of Queens, where she would spend the day with her grandmother as a kid, grew into a full-time career and an Instagram fanbase of over 50K. A psychedelic collage of everything from Sailor Moon to the creation of Adam, Fiji water to fashion monograms - her work is always kitsch and always fabulous. In her monthly column, Kro will shine a spotlight on the nail artists she is loving and the trends we should be following.

This month love is in the air and what better way to show your love than through nail art? This month I will show some of my favourite Valentines Day inspired manicures.

@rosebnails uses Swarovski crystals to embellish this triple heart design over the cutest jelly pink colour. 

What better way to rep love on your nails than with a Chuckie and Tiffany manicure? Not your average valentines day design but this is the true definition of “Ride or die”. Nails by me.

NYC artist @yuriosukanails creates the perfectly subtle valentines inspired design. Something most people probably couldn’t catch off first glance, this is A great way to show your vday mood

@netta2hot gives us life with this perfect set of classic red claws. This sharp stiletto shape is sexy and sets off this cherry Valentine's red colour. 

Bay area artist @nailjerks uses her airbrush technique to create this dreamy heart design in classic V Day colours. Topped off with a matte finish. 

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