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5 nail artists you need to follow

TextKamara Hakeem-Oyawoye

In need of some nail inspo? Follow these artists now

Nails have never been more important. That one cm squared of keratin has become the ultimate blank canvas onto which we can paint our hopes, dreams, identity, and creativity. No longer confined to nail polish, technicians are using everything from jewels to stencils to piercings to 3-D sculptures and glow in the dark features to liven up your talons. In need of some inspo? Here are some of the finest nails artists Instagram has to offer.

With styles in all shapes, colours and finishes, Chaun Legend is the LA-based artist behind the sets of many celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Icey nails for spicey babes” reads the IG bio on Alana Macleod’s profile. She is a self-taught nail magician from Leeds with her style targeting graphic focused millennials. It seems she is as resourceful as she is talented as she offers custom made stick-ons available worldwide.

Similar to Alana, Anouska is a self-taught nail artist that is more widely recognised from her collaborations with Footasylum. From ombre to flames and even a UV LV monogram, Anouska has versatile capabilities and can be booked via BeautyStack for appointments in Kings Cross.

At just 20 years old, Maja has managed to build an IG following of 20k beyond her community in Bay Rock, California. This can without a doubt be attributed to her serious skills of converting your favourite cartoon character or book cover into a fresh set.

If you’re Miami-based then you’re probably one of Rose’s 40k IG followers. She specialises in gel nails, and has over 1000 pictures for you to choose from. Whether it’s Basquiat inspired or René Magritte, she’s your girl.

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