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5 autumnal nail trends we’re feeling this October

TextKro Vargas

In her first column, The Nail Files, Contributing Editor @krocaine shines a spotlight on the best nails trends of the month

Dazed Beauty Contributing Editor Kro Vargas (@krocaine) is a nail juggernaut. A love that began in the nail salons of Queens, where she would spend the day with her grandmother as a kid, grew into a full time career and an Instagram fanbase of over 50K. A psychedelic collage of everything from Sailor Moon to the creation of Adam, Fiji water to fashion monograms - her work is always kitsch and always fabulous. In her monthly column, Kro will shine a spotlight on the nail artists she is loving and the trends we should be following.

October. A month of candycorn (if you’re American, Co-op multipacks if you're not) and autumnal colours. Leaves are falling, Libras are getting loose, and the party shops are running out of fake blood rapidly. Over in @krocaine land, things are no different. “As the autumn months approach, we’re finding creative ways to express our love for the season and for Halloween through our favourite thing – nail art!” Here, she picks her top five favourite looks to get you in the mood for autumn.

Alas, poor Yorick!
“Bright coloured skeletons on a dark base is a look that can be changed up in a million different ways. Switching up the colours to accommodate your style is made so easy for a look like this. Skulls are a Halloween classic.”

Get the look: PaintGlow Neon UV Nail Polish

Check m8
@ladyfancynails throws a whimsical twist on this classic black and white checkered manicure. An awesome autumn look that gives off the perfect Halloween vibe. This manicure can match any costume as well as your daily fall looks.”

Get the look: Essie 1 Blanc and 88 Licorice

Magic mushroom
“Probably my favorite Halloween look is glow in the dark gel. This gel can be used on any design! It doesn’t have to be colourful or crazy but it’s a great way to be in the Halloween spirit without having a crazy design. This glow in the dark pigment can be mixed in and incorporated into any fall manicure for a fun surprise when the lights go out.”

Get the look: PaintGlow Glow in the Dark Nail Varnish

Orange is the new Shellac
“Artist @tiktakcameraaa uses the perfect autumn orange colour for a simple look that still stands out in the crowd! This jelly look is perfect for the season and is given a simple yet outstanding accent with a double nail piercing.”

Get the look: OPI Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast

Swirl deep
@ladyfancynails shows how to give a manicure the perfectly mystical twist. This swirled look can be switched up with any colour to match your mood this Halloween season.”

Get the look: Essie 59 Aperitif and 88 Licorice

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