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The Vivienne drag race uk winner make-up tutorial
via @dragraceukbbc

Watch Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne transform in this fab drag makeover

TextDazed Beauty

Follow along and learn how to paint your face like a drag superstar

At the beginning of last month, we announced Dazed Beauty Space, an exciting pop-up in Selfridges’ beauty hall that imagined what the future of beauty is. With an exciting guest edit of products – curated by our editor Nellie Eden – futurist Geraldine Wharry musing on the beauty subcultures of the next 100 years, and an exciting roster of industry names sharing their creativity via the weekly programming, we were excited to launch and share it with you all. 

Little did we know the state of the world was about to change completely, forcing everyone to retreat to their homes. Despite this, we brought the promised programming from IRL to URL and since have dropped tutorials every week to keep you entertained and musing on the future of beauty. 

Over the weeks, we’ve shared exciting make-up tutorials from Lucy Bridge, Raisa Flowers, Athena Paginton, Porsche Poon, Bea Sweet, and Lynski, conquered wig woes with Virginie Moreira, explored the world of tarot with Suhaiyla Shakuwra, learned about nails thanks to genius Sylvie Macmillan, and had Sunday Riley answer all your skincare questions. Now, to go out with a bang, The Vivienne – Drag Race UK’s season one winner – is taking you behind-the-scenes of her make-up process, doing a full dragover for us. 

Starting with her signature face tape – giving her a snatched visage – the drag superstar walks you through her glam routine step by step, from foundation and countour through to eyeshadow, lips, and brow tips, The Vivienne shares all her secrets. So, whether you’re a seasoned queen or looking to try out drag for the first time, what better way to use all this extra time on your hands to hone your skills? In the words of RuPaul: “Good luck, and don’t fuck it up!”

Shop the Dazed Beauty Space guest edit of products shaping the future of beauty – curated by editor Nellie Eden – on Selfridges here

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