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January 2022: start the year off on a high this Capricorn season

The New Year offers up an opportunity to make clear resolutions for the year ahead

Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer based in Los Angeles. Her sessions include natal chart readings, energetic clearings, and tarot readings.

Happy New Year! January 2022 starts off on a high note, as the Sun in goal-setting Capricorn strengthens our resolve to make clear resolutions for the year ahead. Capricorn is the most evolved of the earth signs, known for its tenacious work ethic and drive towards betterment. With the support of the serious Sea Goat, we can set practical goals and match them with action for 2022 and beyond. However, with Venus still retrograde and Mercury beginning to retrograde in Aquarius, we may be feeling like there’s a lot of stops and starts. Don’t let the slower pace discourage you! On the 2nd of the month, a promising New Moon in Capricorn asks us to evaluate what we want to build in the world at large, and set intentions for our careers and professional spheres.

Jupiter, planet of mass and abundance, entered Pisces at the end of December, imbuing all signs with an increase in imagination and appetite for escapism. You could be feeling eerily intuitive, so pay attention to your dreams. It is the perfect time to develop a meditation practice, or devote time to inner listening. Jupiter in Pisces tends to bring rewards to those who dream up and ponder abundance.

Venus stationed retrograde in December, moving in close proximity to Pluto, God of the underworld. So, if you have been revisiting old romances, dodging the occasional text from your ex, and examining who and what you love, you are right on schedule. Venus retrograde in Capricorn wants you to become more boundaried about where you devote your energy, particularly when it comes to finding counterparts that are in it for the long haul, who walk the talk, and display integrity. This also affects how we spend and invest our time and finances. With Venus, a social planet, under strains until the end of the month. We may be feeling more insular and introspective than usual. Venus stations direct on the 29nd, lightening our focus on the past and pushing us towards future prospects. 

On the 14th, Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius, where it will make a slow regression into Capricorn until February 3rd. It’s a good time to examine and redefine your online presence, take intermittent breaks from the internet and triple check work communications. This retrograde could reveal what you are lacking from your community, and places an emphasis on friendships and social causes. On the 19th, the Sun moves into forward, future thinking Aquarius, and we are less stern about self-improvement and seeking reinvention. Aquarius season means embracing our eccentricities, independence and uniqueness. Here, we become rebels with causes, ready to dedicate ourselves to our missions for the planet at large.

A Full Moon in Cancer on the 17th has us in our feels, and is an opportunity for emotional catharsis. We might be teary-eyed and emotional, but the Moon’s opposition to Pluto grants us the ability to release deep, buried emotions and move towards achieve long-term healing.