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wolf cut hair
Danielle Marcan via Instagram

Meet the wolf cut: TikTok’s wildest new hair craze

The look falls somewhere between a mullet, emo fringe-cut, and 70s shag

After a year-and-a-half of at-home haircuts throughout the pandemic – we’ve seen all sorts of hair trends hit TikTok from choppy mullets to long layered scene cuts, and 70s shags. It seems that the app’s latest hair craze, the ‘wolf cut’, falls somewhere between all three.

Reaching over 400 million views on TikTok so far, the cut is a new, wilder version of the mullet. Living up to its name, it features a long mullet style with voluminous wispy layers. Usually, it’s also accompanied by curtain bangs or a heavy fringe to add some extra shape towards the front.

Lucky for us, the cut can be easily replicated at home, with TikTokers following the DIY one-minute mullet approach which went viral on the app earlier this month. The technique requires putting all your hair into a high ponytail and cutting the ends in one even chop. When the hair drops down, it should have choppy layers at different lengths.

In order to achieve the wolf look, however, the process must be repeated by making and cutting two to three smaller ponytails towards the front of your head in order to attain a more untamed layered look. It’s a very “trust the process” kind of technique, explained one TikTok user. For those who might not feel up to reaching for the scissors, however, it may be time to book a haircut. 

Otherwise, the ‘wolf cut’ seems to require little upkeep and works well with waves or curls. For those with straight or flat hair, however, heat styling may be required in order to achieve a more voluminous look. “Everyone wants a wolf cut until they realise your hair will be flat unless you style it,” said @coolmadsgames, who has the hairstyle with straight hair, in a TikTok. “My hair is so heat damaged (because) I don’t want flat hair.”

Perhaps the feral cut is the newest part of TikTok’s emo scene culture revival? Or, maybe it’s just the perfect solution to your overgrown lockdown mullets. Either way, we say grab your scissors and go for it.

Check out the wolf cut transformation videos below.


so... i did it . @ishikaaamazing told me to 😩. pt.2 tomorrow 💞 ##fyp ##curlyhair ##unicorncut ##wolfcut

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