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Jenny Coombs’s Product of the Week

These versatile make-up colour pots are as luxe as they are eco-friendly

Make-up artist Jenny Coombs shares why the Manasi7 colour pots are her must-have ’slow beauty’ pick

Jenny Coombs is a make-up artist who works with the likes of Yohji Yamamoto, Hourglass Cosmetics and Xander Zhou. She is an advocate for sustainable beauty and promoting ways to be kinder to the planet, whilst still enjoying the wonders of makeup and skincare. Here, she shares her choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community must-have buys.


Brand: Manasi7
Product: All Over Colour
Price: €45


I discovered Manasi7 and their All Over Colour pots last year after noticing fellow make-up friends mention it on Instagram. I was attracted to the brand after reading about their incredible ethics on sustainability and their low impact on the environment, whilst providing contemporary organic make-up products with high pay-off. Everything is produced in small batches, focusing on quality over quantity. 

I’ve always been a fan of cream-based colour products for their versatility and ease of application, so I was drawn to Manasi7’s All Over Colour immediately. It’s amazing that these high-performance products contain natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, shea butter and wild-harvested candelilla wax, so are safe for the skin, body and environment. I keep these creamy pots in both my pro and personal kit and they are so multi-functional – use as lipstick, eyeshadow, contour, blush and even mix together to make custom colours. 

There are 16 shades in the All Over Colour range, so there is definitely something for everyone. They are a worthwhile investment to enhance your beauty regime (whether you enjoy creating natural or creative looks), each pot goes a long way and you’ll be making an eco-friendlier beauty contribution towards the planet!


If it was a song it would be... “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

The fictional character who would use it is... Poison Ivy because she is a fierce beauty who is passionate about saving the Earth.

If I could go back in time and give this product to anybody it would be... Frida Kahlo.

If this was an astrological sign it would be… Leo for its love for luxury, an ambitious and loyal personality, ruled by the Sun (representing life and vitality).