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Janina Zais

This non-permanent hair dye is an easy, eco-friendly way to make hair art

From soft pastels to intensive hues, this sustainable hair dye from SHRINE is recommended by hairstylist Janina Zais to help you create intricate hairdos

Hairstylist Janina Zais proves that simple buzzcuts can have just a big an impact as the most elaborate of styles. With the scalp as her canvas, her art – full of vivid colours, intricate designs, and political statements – turns heads and gives the middle finger to all who do not believe in freedom, love, and openness. Here, she shares her choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys. 



Product: Drop It Hair Dye

Price:​ £​10.99


About 3 months ago, Shrine had written to me and sent me their products, and I was immediately taken with them! I love the fact that you can mix the small hair colours with normal conditioners and create your own colour intensity. It’s so easy to do and depending on how many drops you put into the conditioner the more intense it gets. 

I was also convinced by the sustainability of the product, as I often use a lot of colour and therefore a lot of plastic. This is all eliminated with the great hair product from Shrine. It is also very important to me that the products I can choose for myself are vegan and without animal testing. I am very happy to be able to use a product that not only produces great colours but is also environmentally friendly.


It tastes like... candyfloss.

If it was a film it would be... The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

The historical figure who would use it is... Marie Antoinette.

If it was an astrological sign it would be… Libra because it’s aesthetic pleasing, with a lot of heart and good intentions! And the mood can change from very quiet to very loud, and it’s hard to decide which colour to choose.