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Gigi Hari danessa Myricks twin flames review
Courtesy of Gigi Hari

This make-up essential delivers effortless multi-chromatic glam

Model Gigi Hari chooses Danessa Myricks’ Twin Flames multi-chrome liquid eyeshadow as her Product of the Week

Gigi Hari is a high fashion, trans-femme model signed to TIAD. When she’s not stomping the runway or fronting a campaign, she’s styling looks by her own new world rules while immersing herself int he colourful world of K-pop, riding the hallyu wave. All of this while sharing her experiences, tips, and support for fellow trans/gender non-conforming people through her social platforms. Here, she shares her choice for Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys. 


Brand: Danessa Myricks

Product: Twin Flames multi-chrome liquid eyeshadow

Price: £18.50


I first came across Danessa Myricks’ brand while on a job. Being a model and working with lots of different make-up artists on set is amazing and I love getting to know their processes as a beauty lover myself. I quickly learned that this was one of the best brands for base products and creating a super healthy radiant finish, but also has incredible high-impact, no-crease colour pigments. It seemed to be more of an insider brand, that I didn’t hear about outside of my professional circles, so I did some research of my own. As a lover of all thing multi-chromatic, I immediately had to try it. 

I’ve been using the product for a couple of months since its release and it has almost become part of my everyday make-up routine. I use it in so many ways, since it’s a liquid that dries completely waterproof with no transfer, it’s incredibly multi-use and perfect for my general approach to make-up. Twin Flames is usable anywhere in your routine, eyes, lips, cheeks, and it’s creaseproof, lightweight, and long-wearing – delivering beautiful multi-chromatic results every time. Danessa really hit the mark when it came to the formula. 

“Twin Flames is usable anywhere in your routine, eyes, lips, cheeks, and it’s creaseproof, lightweight, and long-wearing – delivering beautiful multi-chromatic results every time”

The designated doe foot is firm and structured enough to use straight from the applicator, to get a full coverage application, cut a crease, or paint thickly for a textured finish. Equally, it can be sheered down on the back of your hand and applied with a fluffy brush to create a wash of multi-chromatic shine on the skin. In my everyday life, I love to kiss my inner corners with a thin later of ‘Crazy 4 U’ or ‘Angel Heart’ for a supernatural pearlescent glow.  

I absolutely adore the diversity of the Twin Flames and how amazingly it sets. As somebody always attracted (albeit maybe slightly addicted) to anything shiny, sparkly, and pearlescent, I can’t get enough. Not to mention, you can layer gloss on top and it won’t break down – truly mind-blowing! I‘ve never used anything that has such staying power for a glossy look and the shine really popsoff to a whole new level. 

In short: ease of use, outstanding colour payoff, staying power, and supreme shine – there’s nothing not to love.


It tastes like... Pop rocks and fresh pink lemonade.

If this product was a song, it would be… “소녀시대-태티서 Twinkle” by Girls’ Generation-TTS. 

If I was communicating this product to an alien only using hand gestures, I would… Hold my hands to my face, give a flutter of the lashes, and a wiggle of the fingertips. 

Who would use it... Hyuna or Chungha, I need to see the looks, it’s what we deserve.