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Billie Eilish lips overlined Instagram

Billie Eilish wants you to stop saying she overlines her lips

Stop, what the hell are you talking about?

When are we going to leave Billie Eilish in peace? Despite having an extremely loyal cohort of fans, she’s constantly speaking out about body shaming, being sexualised, and most recently joked that she wouldn’t release another album if people kept making fun of her iconic slime green roots

Now, the singer has addressed suggestions that she is overlining her lips. After posting a passport-style photo of herself on Instagram, media outlets including Cosmopolitan and Yahoo! Style said that her lips were “noticeably fuller thanks to ombre lip liner”. 

On Twitter, fan account @nvmbillie clapped back, posting: “ombre lip liner my ass that’s just her beautiful natural lips hun”. Eilish then shared the post on her Instagram Story, adding: “y’all I have literally never overlined my lips in my liiiiiiiiife. I haven’t even worn lipstick since I was 13 pls.” So, there you have it. Case closed.

If you want to keep up with the make-up the singer actually wears, keep up with her make-up artist Robert Rumsey and if you want to achieve Eilish’s full lips without going under the knife, look no further than our round-up of lip plumpers ranked according to pain.