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Set your sights on the new year: your December 2020 beauty horoscope

The long anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurring on December 21 marks a significant turning point into a brand new future for humanity

As we conclude the tumultuous journey of 2020, December promises hope, growth and expansion as we travel into fiery Sagittarius season, just in time for the holidays. After an emotionally intense November, Sagittarius season promises us a higher vantage point, where we take our collective experiences and find deeper meaning. 

It's been a year of great and lasting change, and we conclude 2020 on the same note. On December 14, a total Solar eclipse in Sagittarius amplifies our opinions and outlooks for the year ahead. As we take a closer look at our minds and belief systems, we are given the potential to restore faith and optimism to areas we have been cynical about. We are expressive, creative, and eager to journey towards new heights, even if our movements may be restricted. It’s a time to adopt a more positive perspective, and set our sights on a new domain.

With Saturn, planet of responsibility, governances and obstacles, moving into Aquarius on the 16th, we are entering a new era of humanitarianism. The long anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs on December 21, marking a significant turning point into a brand new future for humanity. This rare celestial event brings us into an era of Aquarius, highlighting themes like freedom, technology, innovation, and brand new potentials.

Our collective focus shifts from hierarchy to equality, and the needs of our respective communities. It may be time to look for a greater sense of belonging, develop new friendships and find a common purpose to dedicate ourselves to. As we take inventory of our personal relationships, we may find that beliefs can differ, but Saturn in Aquarius wants us to find a joint cause. On the 21st, the Sun moves into no-nonsense Capricorn, giving us a sense of greater mastery and focus on work-related matters. We are ambitious, goal-oriented and ready to do some work. By Christmas Holidays, we are anointed with the prospects of a new future we can all believe in.