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Alexa Demie in EuphoriaInstagram/@kirinrider

The make-up artist for Euphoria is doing free beauty tutorials on Zoom

Are you a Maddie or a Jules? Kirsten Sage Coleman will help you find out

The make-up looks of Euphoria truly defined this generation’s aesthetic. Rhinestone-studded cat eyes and geometric face stickers ruled 2019. We’ve waxed lyrical about it, New York and London fashion week catwalk looks have paid tribute to it, Instagram filters were made, and the dedicated #euphoriamakeup hashtag on IG is in the millions. Now, you have the opportunity to learn all the secrets from one of the make-up artists that crafted the shows most iconic looks.

Kirsten Sage Coleman, who worked under department head Doni Davy, has announced she will be hosting a live Zoom beauty tutorial in collaboration with make-up brand Kosas. The tutorial is taking place this Friday (May 15) and based on the list of products you will need, including gold eyeshadow, orange blush, and face gems, we’re betting the look will live up to the maximalist, bejewelled standards set by the show. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the world of Euphoria while we wait for season two which, of course, has sadly been delayed by the pandemic.

In the meantime, why not try your hand at this futuristic cowgirl look created for us by Doni Davy, or test out some looks without any effort at all with the Euphoria Instagram make-up filters.