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Abby Roberts

Colourful noses are the new hot make-up trend


In the past, the nose hasn’t been paid much attention when it comes to make-up. A bit of concealer here, a contour there, some highlighter if you’re feeling fancy. But it hasn’t been a canvas for creative expression in the same way as the eyes or lips have been. But that is all changing.

With the rise of the E-girl and cottagecore has come a new focus on the nose. Their signature technique of piling blush on the nose so it looks, as Doja Cat put it, like they just woke up, blew their nose and have pneumonia, has become a defining part of the aesthetic. Is she a bit sunburnt? Is she shy? Who can tell.

But it’s not just the E-girls who are unearthing new potential in the territory of the nose. From colourful tips to intricate patterns, a slew of young make-up creatives are leading the way and getting experimental with the nose. Here are some of our favourite looks.