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Rosalía cut herself a fringe in isolation, and it looks surprisingly good

Is anyone not considering cutting their own hair right now?

Hair is on everyone’s minds at the moment. Whether you are bleaching it, cutting it, or shaving it all off completely, it seems that we’ve all decided now is the time to make a change to our hair. It’s the result of a heady combination of having too much free time, no access to a professional salon, knowing no one will see us for the foreseeable future, and hair being one of the only things we can exert some control over during this time where everyone is feeling pretty powerless.

Celebrities are no exception to this as we found out when Rosalía used her time in isolation to give herself a fringe. A risky move not advised for beginners but one that has paid off – it actually looks quite good. The singer shared her new style on social media last night, writing that she had just given herself bangs followed by some haircut emojis and "hahahahh."

If you are on the precipice of undertaking your own chop or just trying to maintain your existing fringe, Bleach founder Alex Brownsell recommends taking it slow. “Trim very small bits at a time. Use a comb to hold the fringe in place rather than your fingers,” she says. “Ensure you cut on dry hair and not wet as it may dry shorter than intended, and keep the rest of your hair clipped back and out of the way.” Read the rest of her tips here

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