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Barbie Ferreira – autumn/winter 2019
Barbie wears latex mask Syren LatexPhotography Michael Bailey Gates, Styling Chris Horan

Barbie Ferreira announced as the new face of Becca Cosmetics

In her first-ever beauty campaign, the actress will help drive conversations around body size, representation, and mental health in beauty

From black-rimmed red lips to bold green eyes, as Kat on EuphoriaBarbie Ferreira rocked some of the strongest beauty looks on the show and now the actress and model has just landed her first-ever beauty campaign as the new face of Becca Cosmetics. 

Sharing the news on Instagram, Ferreira wrote how excited she was to represent the brand which she has loved since high school. “The becca liquid highlight was the first highlighter I ever bought back when I was serving dark blue smokey eyes in high school,” she said. “Makeups been such a huge part of my life and this moment couldn’t be more special. I couldn't be more thrilled to do this with a brand I’ve used religiously since the start of my love for makeup!!”

As well as starring in campaigns for the brand, in her new role Ferreira will consult on more mindful casting around body size, gender, and skin tone among her co-models and help to drive conversations on mental health and representation in beauty. 

“For years, I was part of 'inclusive' campaigns that didn't exactly put their money where their mouth is,” Ferreira said in an interview with Refinery29. “I am so happy to have my friends, who are from all different walks of life, representing who wears makeup; it's not just women and it's not just what we're used to seeing from makeup brands, which is usually a pretty not-inclusive shade range or casting.”

Becca recently partnered with mental health advocacy group the Jed Foundation, donating $10,000 to the organisation, and it’s a cause that is so to Ferreira’s heart. “I’m so grateful to be partnering with a brand that stands for a cause, and the conversation around mental health is a really important one,” she says. 

Ferreira has been open about her own experiences with her mental health in the past. Speaking to Dazed in September she shared how she related to Zendaya’s character Rue dealing with depression. “When I read the script for that episode I got goosebumps,” she says. “The way Rue deals with her depression is so eerily similar to (me) – and I’m sure almost everyone else. Watching reality shows, Googling whether or not bipolar people know they are bipolar, the lack of energy to go to the bathroom, the manic states... It was all so well done.”