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#GlassesAreForbidden: Female workers in Japan protest rule banning glasses

The social media campaign launched after women were stopped from wearing glasses at their places of work

So, Japan has banned women from wearing glasses in the workplace. Some, not all, of the country’s companies have asked their female workers to remove their glasses – as revealed on a TV show that exposed businesses imposing the ban.

The reasons behind the ban differed from business to business with airlines claiming it’s a safety issue, while shop assistants were told it gave a “cold impression.” Yet, the same ban did not extend to male employees within the same companies.

Unsurprisingly, people are protesting with a social media campaign growing on Twitter via the hashtag #GlassesAreForbidden. With (rightful) public outcry, the campaign to refute the enforcement is completely necessary – this is just about being able to see. No woman should have to struggle with their vision, especially not when the men around them sit back and relax with their specs. 

Unfortunately, this ridiculous ban isn’t the first. Earlier this year in Japan, we saw the rule that requires women to wear high heels at work being enforced. However, the movement dubbed #KuToo saw women fight back against the regressive and outdated dress codes.