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Paris Hilton invests in The Glam App, it’s like ‘Uber for beauty’

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Yesterday, Paris Hilton took to Instagram to announce that she is partnering up with and investing in The Glam App - the beauty treatment app that connects homebodies with a community of beauty therapists who will come straight to your house and help make you feel beautiful. Think of it as Uber, but instead of booking rides, you’re booking beauty treatments.

“I think it’s the future of beauty services because just at the touch of a button, you can have an incredible hair, makeup, or nail stylist come to your front door and get you ready,” Paris told Forbes.“It makes things so convenient and it’s literally like the Uber for beauty and right now, I’m obviously running a huge business, but a big priority of mine for the past year has been investing in companies that I believe in.”

The app was founded in 2015 by celebrity make-up artist Joey Maalouf and his business partner Katrina Barton.

“We work with stylists ranging from one year experience all the way up to those who have mastered their craft. Skill sets, professionalism, and creativity are just some of the characteristics we are looking for when accepting well-rounded stylists,” says Joey Maalouf tells Forbes.

The app is available in 23 countries and includes a VVIP option (a favourite of Paris’) where you can book with celebrity hair and make-up artists for longer appointment times, albeit for a pretty penny.

"Paris has actually been a client of ours for years. She has used us in many cities while she’s travelling and we’ve built this relationship with her,” adds Katrina Barton.

Want to look as hot as Paris? Download The Glam app now.